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Modified All-Around Workout Routines

December 08, 2018 3 min read

I’ve been toying around with the all-around workouts, to add some variation, and also because I sprained my toe and had to take a couple weeks off from doing jumping lunges & mt climbers.

Here’s what I did:

1. All-Around Track 1: For the boxing parts, I substituted the Thai Boxing tracks which increased the pace quite a bit. First time I did it, I was gassed in 5 min, but I got used to it!

– I also swapped out 2 of the Jumping Squat sets for dumbbell snatches. Just make sure to do a lower weight than you’d usually do,      because when you’re that tired it’s easy to hurt yourself with a higher weight.


– You can also do box jumps in place of jumping squats, but I’ve found them to be a bit easier. Jumping squats are
tougher, because the pace is higher.
– For the neck/biceps, you can substitute 2-3 sets of medicine ball slams. Really gets the heart going and tires your
arms and abs.
– I’ve also done handstand pushups or just holding in a handstand in place of the neck. That one is really tough – my
arms were shaking by the end!
– When I hurt my toe, I substituted Dumbbell Deadlifts in place of the Jumping Lunges. That was one was really hard,
especially the last set. Your legs are already tired, and lunges are really tough!
– Also when I hurt my toe, I did alternating dumbbell military presses in place of mt. climbers. Just grab 2 dumbbells
and press them overhead, alternating hands, keeping the pace pretty high. Again, lower the weight, because this one is
very tiring. Also, I know a couple guys who blew their rotator cuffs doing overhead presses when they were tired.

2. All-Around Track 2: If you don’t have a heavy bag (my gym doesn’t), you can do the Thai boxing for a minute, then the power exercises.

– I like to alternate the Jumping Squats, so I’m not doing 9 sets. Instead, I do them in 3’s: Jumping Squats, Jumping
Lunges, Dumbbell Deadlifts. Do each 3x.
– For the pushups, you can also do hammer grip pushups on dumbbells or kettlebells. It’s a nice variation.

I like to keep the order that Bas has the routine the same. I tried mixing it up a few times, and it wasn’t nearly as tough. But you can substitute anything out.
Bottom line: you can really substitute anything. I try to keep the base exercises unchanged – boxing, pushups, abs – and if I change any of the lower body stuff, I make sure I’m doing different lower body exercises in their place.

Also, just make sure you LOWER THE WEIGHT!!! It’s easy to think that you can do the same weight as when you’re lifting, but it’s so much harder, and you risk injury when doing it at such high speed. The pace and the level of fatigue makes it much more likely your form will break down, causing injury. And if you’re hurt, you can’t train, right?


I do number 1 as well, use the boxing tape and thai box.
I also like to switch every time my stands. First combo in orthodox, second combo as south paw. I do this non stop.
Then you can make the number 3 punch a livershot. So when I say 4 you give a left/rights straight, livershot right straight. Sometimes I even make that last shot an elbow after a livershot since you are closer to your opponent.
Knees you can make double knees, double left or double right.

I also double up sometimes on the last punch and use the same arm PLUS I change the height.
So 3 becomes a left/right straight-left hook-liver shot (load up twice for Lhook and livershot)
2 becomes left right straight plus a right straight to the solar plexus, make sure you load up for every punch
Lots of fun stuff. new workouts are coming now, they are gonna be crazy, you watch!
This old workout has about 18 combo’s, the new ones have everything, over 150 different ones

Godspeed and thanks again!