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Lung Power: A Goal to Seek Out While Training in Any Sport

December 08, 2018 1 min read

Some athletes seem ahead of the competition, and they never get tired or back down. It is hard to go up against someone who has more endurance than you, but these players have a secret that you can learn. Greater lung power is what keeps many who cycle, practice yoga or participate in MMA in fine form. Those who know the tricks to breathing are better athletes.

Getting deep breaths while playing sports is crucial. You may want to take in heaping lungfuls of air through your mouth when involved in an intense MMA fight, but this actually hurts your chances of winning. Breathing through the nose lets more air into your diaphragm and lungs. This improves your blood flow and stamina. Those who can keep taking deep breaths even when they are exerting themselves have more energy.

Deep breaths are natural in Yoga because they help the body relax and allow muscles to move easier. This is why breathing is crucial in Yoga, but it applies to other activities too. Those who cycle or play MMA can stay calm, motivated and beat the competition just by practicing taking deep breaths through the nose.