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July 10, 2020 1 min read

Oxygen is the key to every person’s daily routine, whether it pertains to working out, fighting, or performing. But it takes a great deal of skill to control just how much oxygen the body is taking in. Moreover, in some instances, the body needs to be trained to fuel itself when the level of oxygen is lower than it is used to – such as in higher altitudes where the air is thinner. The same type of reduction in oxygen happens during high resistance training in which the body and the lungs are working harder to keep individuals going.

That is precisely why the O2 Lungtrainer was developed, to help those conducting high altitude training and high resistance training continue to fuel their bodies. In essence, oxygen is absorbed through the lungs and is then carried into the body through blood cells. These cells are used to fuel the body and expel more energy as exercise becomes more strenuous. The purpose of the O2Lung trainer is to train the lungs and the diaphragm to continue functioning at a high rate even when oxygen levels are reduced.

During high resistance training many people notice they are breathing harder but are receiving less oxygen which ultimately slows them down. The same thing occurs during high altitude training when the air is thin and has the same effect as a long workout. With the lungtrainer, individuals can slowly reduce their oxygen intake over time thereby training themselves to work hard even with less oxygen.