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A Fan Question That Might Also Apply To You

December 08, 2018 3 min read

Question from a fan (I blanked his name out), long answer so I figured to post it for all the guys/girls who use the Bas Rutten MMA Workout:

I have been thai boxing for a year now and want to step up my training I have your dvd mma workout and the routines are out of this world but seem quite advanced, I want to fight in about 6 months would it be ok to use them at my level but at what rate should I do them and how much should I increase them by? I am a huge fan and any input you can provide will be much appreciated. this will be my first fight I am 28 and weighing in at 216lbs but want to get to 187lbs in the 6 months I have seen a doctor and cleared for training (I also brought an o2 trainer and my cardio recovery has really improved and am looking forward to the next few months training) thanks for any time spent on this, kind regards XXX


XXX, the workout is not so advanced as you think you simple need to know the combo’s and that takes a week or maybe two, that’s it, I am working on another one which is gonna be out of control. This one you have has about 17 combo’s, the new ones are going to over 150 combo’s.

Make sure you rotate your upper body with every single punch, so “3 and a liver shot right straight” is left/right straight, left hook, LOAD UP for a livershot (left hook body) and right straight.

“2 and a right straight” you throw a one/two, load up your right shoulder and another right straight.

When you do that, you do it good, when you only use your arms, you are doing it WRONG.

What I suggest people to do, and this is gonna sound weird, is to play it in the car and do the combo’s in your head, “see” yourself making them, this will help a lot

When you are warmed up and start the workout you should start throwing everything as hard as you can (start with 2 min rounds). Needles to say, you are going to burn out, but when you (for example) can do only 1 min hard, do only 1 min hard and do the rest nice and relaxed but DO NOT STOP till the break comes. Take a minute break and go full again, and then repeat the same.

Do ALL the 10 rounds and then every week you increase that “power 1 minute” with 5 or 10 seconds. When you do only 5 seconds more every time, then in 12 weeks you throw 10 rounds with all power. Then it’s time to go to the 3 minute rounds. But no worries, your stamina will get better much sooner, I promise

If I were you I would always do the “all round fighting” a few rounds as well at the end, take a 5 minute break and do three rounds of that, because that one is the real killer, in the beginning you might even not be able to do 1 round, you simply need to get used to it, so take your time, you have 6 months you said.

Baby steps, just like using the o2trainer, use baby steps

Just so you have an understanding of what shape you need to be in. We would do five 3 minute rounds “All round fighting” as a warm up, the one minute break would be 30 sec push ups, 30 sec squats or abs. EVERY punch and knee/kick full power. I had pro’s come train with me ands couldn’t do it, they simply had to get used to it.

For your first fight, the MOST important is STAMINA! You can never have enough stamina, that’s my advice. Push yourself every time, write down how many min you did power and how many minutes you did not, make a LOG.

Oh, and I was 28 when I started Pancrase in Japan, so no worries, you are good to go!